How To: Improve Your Camera Presence for Photos and Livestreaming

Becky Yee and Natasha Katrina join Peter Schwinge for a discussion on best practices to improve your photos by making simple adjustments, lighting techniques, how to pose and use best angles, plus sim...

HowTo: Making Money With Live Streaming | Randy Chertkow

This episode is jam packed with tips and best practices on how to monetize streaming concerts from home.

AAM: Livestreaming for Musicians

Peter Schwinge & Sam Tall (Under the Window) are back with Ask a Manager with a very special guest, Karen Allen, Author, Twitch for Musicians. In this recording from our March 23, 2020 live, online c...

AAM: Best Strategies for EP, LP, or Single Releases

With special Guest, Jeremy Gruber (Head of Artist Marketing - Friends at Work). This week they talk about the pros and cons of releasing an EP, LP, and Single roll-outs. How it affects your budget, ma...

HEAVY! What You Need to Know About Booking Your Shows

In today's episode, we have a special guest, David Castillo - Partner and Head Talent Buyer at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. You're going to hear the straight-talk on what you need to do to get booked.

Ep. 1 – AAM TikTok, Triller and Ask a Manager Questions

Peter Schwinge & Sam Tall (Under the Window) are back with a newly re-branded show, Ask a Manager where we discuss topical items in the business and answer your questions. This week we talk about Ti...

Ep. 4: HEAVY! Playlisting and Peter Has the Flu

This week we discuss metal as the fastest-growing genre and best practices for Spotify playlisting. Plus, you'll get to laugh at Peter as he's fighting a 101 fever and hopped up on cold medicine. As a...

S1E3: HEAVY! Get Your Band Noticed on Spotify | Sync | Marketing Tips

This week, Jason and Peter discuss New York Lottery’s new commercial featuring a Metal Band - but is the band real?

S1E2 – HEAVY! Virtual Concerts, Tool, Cold Cold Coffin Interview

This week, Jason and Peter are joined by special guests to discuss the importance of video.